Senior Frontend Developer

Softtek is one of the biggest Mexican companies that offers outsourcing services for several clients all around the world. Personally, I have worked in several projects for different clients like:

General Electrics
Currently I’m working as a senior frontend developer contractor for General Electrics. We are developing a mobile app for GE Health Care department called "GE Health Care Hub", which is an app where every employee of GE and their relatives can access to some resources and benefits they have related to health care as well as some other useful information.

I’m using frameworks like AngularJS and JQuery to consume web services and retrieve the information which is displayed as a "native" application for Android and iOS devices using Phonegap.

Hewlett Packard
I worked in a project for HP for 2 months. We were developing a tool where retailers and vendors could provide feedback and statistics to HP about their sales. I was in charge of the UI components with another frontend developer, defining look and feel of the components based on HP styling conventions. I mostly worked with HTML5/CSS3/JS.

I had the chance to work for a company witch it’s focused on loyalty campaigns based in Minnesota. I was part of its UX Development Team and I always found myself working side by side with the designer of the team.

My main task was to develop a responsive version of the “Hallmark Card Rewards Program” witch is a part of the main site of Hallmark where customers can redeem rewards. I mostly used my HTML5/CSS3 skills taking Bootstrap Framework as a starting point, then I used JS (JQuery) not only to add animations and behaviors to the website but because of the peculiarity of the project to consume REST services from Hallmarks API’s.